Calling a therapist is an act of personal courage and self care. It means you are able to set your ego aside and be willing to ask for help. I will meet you more than half way in this process. Listening and helping you make sense of your pain is my primary job.

If you're suffering from PTSD or anxiety or depression or struggling with parenting or heartbreak or relationship or job stress - I can help you. 

I have been in private practice for twenty-eight years.  I love my work of accompanying people on their journey from suffering to freedom.

My philosophy: The body can only take so much stress. Whatever emotional, relationship, work related or environmental stress you don't process will be downloaded into your physical body as pain and eventually if not brought to consciousness and worked through will cause disease.  Bringing to consciousness and expressing your concerns, unconscious harmful beliefs, traumatic experiences and suffering will change your life and improve your relationships and health.