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When Every Breath Becomes a Prayer

Avraham Azrieli is the author of "The Jerusalem Inception"

“When Every Breath Becomes a Prayer” is an ambitious new novel by Susan Plunket. At its center is Georgina, a passionate, worldly woman whose life is rich with emotional attachments and the consequent conflicts, sorrows, and perpetual fears of pending tragedy. Her lovers’ betrayals and, more than anything, her daughter’s suicidal depression, make for intertwining plotlines created from the stuff of real life.

This is a novel filled with multifaceted characters whose actions and motivations ring true. Georgina’s circle of close friends and confidants, the men in her life, and Kate, her troubled yet wonderful daughter, are three-dimensional and humanly flawed, as flesh-and-blood as living people.

Another central character in the novel, one that’s no less alive than the human players, is New York City, which all readers—either lovers or detractors of the Big Apple—would agree plays a crucial role in giving this story a wonderful boost of emotional authenticity. Take this, for example: “It was dusk. The leaves were blowing overhead, and there wasn’t much traffic on Fifth Avenue. Georgina suddenly felt all alone in the world.” Not only the succinct description creates a familiar image wholly fitting that particular moment in the story, but also, the subtle irony would not escape the reader, who knows how the absence of traffic on Fifth Avenue in New York City could make one feel alone in the world.

While presenting a complex web of genuine human relations, emotions, and conflicts, the novel is further enriched by insight and wisdom that will apply to the lives of many readers. With clever dialogue and communications between the characters, the author ably introduces concepts about the role of dreams, the force of the subconscious, and interesting Jungian sagacity. There are many gems and nuggets, such as when explaining why a healer “has to be wounded to heal.” The reason? “Because suffering makes us wiser and more compassionate. Most of us want our burdens lifted, but it’s in bearing them that we become who we were meant to be…”

In summary, “When Every Breath Becomes a Prayer” by Susan Plunket is a wonderful story that readers—both women and men—would enjoy and remember. The author manages to bring a fascinating cast of characters to life, which is not only real and authentic life with all its ups and downs, but also a spiritual life that sustains the characters—and us—in times of hardship, anxiety and pain. The psychological challenges and unraveling events provide suspense, as well as deep introspection and boundless material for contemplation that will keep readers busy long after they turn the last page. Highly Recommended!

The kind of novel that stays with you long after you turn the last page, this beautiful book about love will catapult you into a new awareness of what it means to be human. 

Meadow Linn
Co-author of The Mystic Cookbook

When Every Breath Becomes a Prayer dives deep into the heart of love, life and relationships. How do you move on, heal and live a life of joy? Susan Plunket will guide you along the path.

—Debra Oakland
Founder of Living in Courage and bestselling co-author of Unwavering Strength

As a spiritual healer, I study and teach about concepts bright and beautiful: the soul, light, divinity, love, the inner planes, the matrix, unity, energy, and more. It's easy to intellectualize these ideas, reducing them to "mental constructs." In this box, they can't scare us, but neither can they empower or guide us. In her amazing fictional book When Every Breath Becomes a Prayer, Susan Plunket employs textured and rich writing poetry, really to follow the lives of several all-too-real characters who are able to integrate these truths into their life journeys. As they learn to follow their dreams, we, too, are able to peer around the corner into our own possible futures. As they embrace their sufferings, wringing the light from them, so do we. In summation, Plunket expertly shows us how this curiosity called "life" is itself a spiritual gift.

Cyndi Dale
Renowned intuitive consultant and author of multiple bestselling books including The Subtle Body, Energetic Boundaries, The Complete Book of Chakra Healing and The Intuition Guidebook

A vividly rich novel you can just sink your whole being into, and characters you can get comfy with, who are willing to reveal their inner worlds, to remind you that, “you don’t face off with the dark, you find the light in it.”

—Pollyanna Blanco
Educator, Dancer, Author of In Rhythm With Your Soul

At once a heart wrenching and heart soaring story, this wise tale of grit and grace, offers a gentle hand to draw you forward, toward that hallowed space of love beyond love.

—Carrie E. Ruggieri, M.A.
Clinical Psychologist

Susan Plunket’s breadth of knowledge as a Jungian psychologist, her words as poetry, and her presence as a spiritual being, shine through on every page of this novel, about the power of suffering to transform our lives.

—Christen Daniel, M.A.
Intuitive healer and psychotherapist

This magical book speaks eloquently to all who seek the invisible miracles in our midsts.

—Charmayne Kilcup, PH.D.
Soul healer and author

Journey deep into the heart of the feminine psyche with Jungian psychologist, Susan Plunket. Feel the scorching truth of Jung’s words, “Love is not a choice. You’re captured.” Travel the landscape of heartbreak and betrayal, accompanied by a wise, funny and loyal sisterhood, to arrive at last, on a luminescent shore.

—Nancy Fleisher Johnson, PH.D.
Clinical Psychologist

A sumptuous and beautifully crafted novel, When Every Breath Becomes a Prayer, is not only powerful in its clinical acumen, but deeply moving in its portrayal of a family finding meaning and transcendence, through heartache, laughter and love.

—Monica L. Creelman, PH.D.
Clinical Neuropsychologist

A captivating book that tenderly explores how the raw pain of human suffering can lead us to the knowledge of timeless truths.

—Jo-Anne Brown
Holistic Wellness Practitioner and co-author of The Nurtured Woman Book Series

This is not a book for the self-help shelf, but self-help you will receive, if ever your heart has been broken. Susan Plunket’s expertise comes through every page, in the most compelling form: story.

—Tammy Letherer
Intuitive healer, author of “Hello Loved Ones,” “My Health in My Hands,” and “Real Time Wreck.”