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A Hero and a Goddess Capture the Heart and Imagination of the World

Olena Zelensky, First Lady of Ukraine, is living with a price on her head - and on her husband's. With her stalwart heart, her faith and courage she wears the face of a goddess as she becomes the physical embodiment of the Slavic Goddess Berehynia for the Ukrainian people.

President Zelensky fighting in the trenches for democracy and freedom embodies the archetype of a living hero capturing the hearts and imaginations of humans around the world with his bravery. He is not hiding in the Urals, raging and sending unknowing young conscripted Russian boys to their death while he sits in safety with his body guards.

Inspired by Zelensky's courage the Ukrainian people line up for guns to defend their freedom. Watching this the hearts of common men everywhere, as well as world leaders, are inspired with a remembrance of their ideals and a new commitment to them. From Biden, who humbly and masterfully created a coalition, to Macron to Kishida to Scholz, to the brave Russian anti-war demonstrators, faith in freedom and democracy is being restored.

There are times when a human is called to embody a big archetype like Goddess or Hero or Anti-Christ. This is such a time. Humanity is engaged in a mythic battle between freedom and oppression, light and dark, democracy and dictatorship. We each have our part to play, whether we demonstrate, donate money, clothes, food or simply let the ideal of the freedom of all men be reborn in our hearts.

Until all humans are free none of us is free. This past week the Ukrainians have fired up the flame of freedom to remind us all of this truth.


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