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A Weird Time On Earth

People are talking about how weird these times on Earth feel. They’re asking “what’s the meaning of the pandemic? Were things meant to be turned upside down so we could learn something? Is this supposed to be a timeout for humans to look inward? Why are the fires and floods and tornadoes getting so much worse all over the world? How could three billion koala bears and kangaroos and other animals die in Australian fires.”

Spiritual leaders, healers and shamans try to answer these questions. “Yes, they say. This is an auspicious time on Earth. These events are catalysts for humans to wake up and evolve to fourth dimensional consciousness along with our planet. All eyes in the universe are turned to watch Earth and many galaxies are sending light beings to help.”

That this an auspicious time on Earth is the subject of The Wanderers On Earth, the second book of the Mission From Venus trilogy. It begins with a call across the universe asking for volunteers for a mission to Earth. The volunteers are called wanderers because they “wander” from a higher dimension, a higher consciousness, down to a lower dimension to be of service. They come from many galaxies to help humans get the lessons of the Third Dimension so as many as possible can make the leap to the Fourth Dimension along with the planet. In the Third Dimension we are often judgmental and unloving viewing ourselves as separate from others. That thinking must be transcended to enter the Fourth Dimension. The wanderers are light beings incarnate as human. They want to help humans learn to love all beings as One so they can enter the Fourth Dimension, a joyous place of love and light.

The books tell the story of eight wanderers who incarnate on Earth as human infants and grow up in New York City, Moscow, Mumbai, Dublin, Jerusalem, Tokyo, Tehran, Cairo and London. They face many challenges. First, because of the laws governing Earth they must give up all their higher powers like mental telepathy, teleportation, psychometry, time control, invisibility, bilocation, and remote viewing. And they must pass through the veil of forgetting around Earth which wipes out all knowledge of prior existences. The wanderers must be born like all humans with no knowledge of their prior lives and they must wake up and remember who they are and what their mission is. They must also separate from their twin flames. Twin flames are beings who when they fly out from source split their soul into two and incarnate as one soul in two bodies. As they go through incarnation after incarnation they evolve up through the dimensions. Eventually they come back together in a joyous twin flame reunion. Once awakened and reunited the wanderers aparate all over the globe to help wherever there is trouble.

But not everyone in the universe wants Earth to ascend on the path of light. The Dark Lords of Orion want to enslave humans and capture Earth for themselves. The wanderers are a threat to their plans and must be eliminated. Will the wanderers succeed in helping Earth ascend on the path of light or will Earth and her humans become slaves who serve the Dark Lords?


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