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An Owl in the Christmas Tree

On Thursday night I was on Beyond Reality Radio and the host, JV, asked me if I knew about the owl in the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center? I didn't, so he told me. The Saw-whet owl had gotten wrapped up in the tree when it was cut down and its branches tied close to its trunk for the journey from Oneonta in upstate New York to Rockefeller Center. Because there are no accidents in the Jungian world in which I live this is more than a charming story with a happy ending. It's meaningful.

So what is the meaning of this owl in the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center? What message does he bring, this small guardian of ancient wisdom? Certainly he is the untamed world brought close to us. That alone is gift enough for city dwellers. But does he also bring a message or news like the owls in Harry Potter? Perhaps he has he appeared in order to consecrate the season with the wisdom of both the natural and the spirit worlds? Intuition tells me that he came as a harbinger of change to mark a new beginning, an opening to a world where we are more connected one to another, humans, animals, trees, rocks, all beings. In times of peril messengers appear. In the passion behind his regal silence can we discern that the message this small fellow carries is about Love? Found starving and dehydrated in the Christmas tree he was greeted with love and care. We delight in his recovery and return to nature and we let him go, grateful for his coming. As Earth moves into the Fourth Dimension may we meet each other always with love and care, wishing for nothing for ourselves that we don't also wish for all beings, especially for the neediest among us.


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