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Yesterday my friend Sura, who is also my chiropractor (NALU Chiropractic) and I were talking about fear of really showing ourselves to the world and how maybe that fear had to do with a past life where we were burned as witches or falsely accused of something or punished for speaking out or having an opinion. Fears can travel with us from lifetime to lifetime if we don't clear them from our auric field. Sometimes the fears aren't even from our own past lives but from an ancestor's life. The good news is that they can be cleared so we don't keep carrying them forward. Healers can do this for us with the permission of our Higher Self, but we can also do it ourselves by disintegrating these limiting patterns using what intuitive and mystic, Cyndi Dale calls "Healing Streams of Grace."

When Cyndi talks about "Healing Streams of Grace" she's referring to Scalar Waves, also known as Tesla Waves or Longitudinal Waves. Cyndi teaches that you can use her signature technique "Spirit to Spirit" to connect to the energy in the Absolute, which exists beyond our dualistic universe, and request scalar waves for any positive purpose. For example, you can ask the waves to clear you of all inhibiting harmful past life and ancestral influences. I followed Cyndi's directions to connect my spirit to the greater spirit and then asked Spirit for Scalar Waves to clear old patterns that keep me in a place of fear. As I was working on myself I had more and more painful memories from this life as well as past lives and ancestral influences. They just seemed to tumble forward into my conscious mind out of the depths of my unconscious to show me all the times I'd been afraid and had let myself or someone else down because I wasn't fearless. One by one I cleared them using Scalar Waves. I felt great. Now more memories are appearing in my dreams showing me that they too need to be cleared. I'm so grateful for this process. Thank you, Cyndi Dale. I am moving toward fearlessness.

Women need to be heard now as much as at any time in the history of Earth. We can not afford to be afraid to speak or to show our true selves. Shaman Kerry Henwood says many things will be revealed in the next twelve months about governments and those in power the world over that will astound us. The darkness is rising. But when the darkness rises so does the Light. Nothing is as powerful as the Light. Light is Love.

For your information:

Dr. Sura Al-Shibib, NALU Chiropractic, 231 W. 21st Street, NYC

Kerry Henwood


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