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How Do You Describe Love?

What follows is an taken from Book Three - which I'm currently writing - of the Mission From Venus Trilogy. Book One is available, Book Two will be released this December. Below seven wanderers from the Fifth Dimension discuss love.

Toomeh picked up the book lying next to his chair and opened it to a random page.

“Love is the only way to rescue humanity from all ills,” he read aloud.

He closed the book to look at the cover.


“Do you agree with Tolstoy about love?” Attivio asked.

“How are you defining love?” Heipleido asked.

“Language feels too restrictive to describe love,” Attivio said.

“There must be a way to say something of it. What is true love?” Toomeh said.

Bereh took the challenge. “True love is Unity consciousness as opposed to duality consciousness.”

“Spoken like a true physicist,” Toomeh said. “Care to elaborate and make it less abstract?”

“Alright. True love is feeling your own oneness with all beings, with beings of all species,” Bereh said.

“Anyone else have a thought?” Toomeh said.

“Love is being in a state where you are incapable of desiring anything for yourself which you don’t also desire for all beings,” Ederah said.

“I love that,” Soonam said smiling at Ederah. “Because of course we are all One being, we’re all connected by being part of the One Primordial Mind.”

“Yes. Love and the One Mind are the same thing,” Laaroos said.

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1 Comment

Carrie R
Carrie R
Sep 27, 2020

So beautifully said Ederah. 💖

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