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How Energy Healers Heal

Energy healing is becoming more mainstream because it works and it's simpler than you might think. Whether the healer is using light, sound, color or something else to facilitate the healing, it is always bringing the person back into alignment with the Divine which heals. The healer connects with her own spirit and moves into resonance with the vibration of Divine energy. She can then send that energy in and through the person, plant or animal to bring them back into alignment with their own Divinity. Once in alignment they are restored to their original blueprint and healed.

The Theta wave with a hertz frequency of 7.81 is considered the threshold or doorway at which healers work. Shamans and some healers use the frequency of Gamma which is between 32 and 200 hertz to perform miracles.

We regular humans can achieve a healing frequency too by bringing ourselves into resonance with our own spirit through meditation or any practice that connects us to the Divine with in us. The Divine resides in each of us as us. This is the ancient teaching of the Christ consciousness, Sufis, the Buddha and many others. Some healers believe that an actual physical cell of the Divine is in the center of the Absolute light in our heart chakra and that we can use this cell to heal ourselves.

The body is the creature of the mind. It believes what the mind tells it. Each thought you think creates a frequency in your body. Watch what you tell yourself, because your body is listening and responding to the frequency which your thoughts are creating. You can lift your frequency with your own thoughts.

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Oct 01, 2021

Thank you.

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