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Do Our Thoughts Create Our Reality ?

Updated: May 17, 2021

Are we living in a virtual reality created by our thoughts? Is what we perceive as material reality a camouflage which we're all hallucinating?

We experience reality through our external senses, believing what we see and hear and touch and smell. That peony in the garden is real to the eye and the touch and it smells divine. The snow capped

mountain seen through a doorway is massive and beautiful and we can climb it and feel it under our feet. In this sense our third dimensional reality is very real to us when we're focused on it, which we mostly are. But this isn't reality in its totality. Ask anyone who's ever taken plant medicine or had a stroke, been hypnotized, reached a state of bliss in meditation or experienced lucid dreaming.

There exist other realities alongside the one we focus on with our external senses. And as virtual reality games show us, our senses can be manipulated. Even without virtual reality headsets other levels of reality are available to us - when we use our inner senses. Our inner selves are naturally clairvoyant and telepathic and can introduce us to other equally real realities. We have the amazing gift of a mobile consciousness which we can focus like a beam of light into various realities. We all create form by what we focus on. All material reality begins as consciousness. We use our consciousness and our beliefs to create our reality both individually and as a group.

Most of us have no idea how powerful our creative ability is. We are literally creating our reality in every moment. This is a powerful gift. If you want to know why your reality is as it is examine your beliefs about yourself, about existence and about what's possible for you. Much more is possible than most of us ever imagine. Spend time imagining. Use your imagination to create the reality you want to live. Literally.


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