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Leave the Pain Factory Known as the Mind



I won't even ask you if you've ever tortured yourself with your own thoughts, because I know you have. And most of what our mind says to us is not even true: "You're not smart enough, attractive enough, thin enough, organized enough, pretty enough, rich enough. You're an idiot. You ruined your life. You're incompetent, you're a loser, no one likes you, you'll never succeed. You're going to be alone forever. There's something wrong with you." These examples are not even subtle. Our mind can do much worse, get a lot more personal in its attacks on us.

Some of why this happens is our conditioning throughout our childhood. When you were a small child you weren't judgmental or afraid of existential things. You were closer to your Self and closer to animals and joy and freedom. But then conditioning, educating, civilizing began. We all get conditioned by our parents, caregivers, teachers, communities, by society, to behave, be good, to fit in, to succeed by society's standards. A lot of our true Self, the self of our childhood who knew how to experience life, is sacrificed in the name of civilizing and educating us as children. Our mind gets set- up to run by fear.

As we grow up and get conditioned to being a human on Earth in the Third dimension our mind tries to cope by pinning bits of life onto a meaningless grid. Even the grid of life versus death isn't real, it's an oversimplification of reality. There's lots of evidence now that greater part of us survives our human body's death. that our consciousness doesn't require a physical body. But the mind won't tell you that. The mind creates this grid of separation and you feel alone. It's a lie. You are never alone. Your greater being, your Self, is always with you as are your many guides. But you have been conditioned to tune them out. Maybe you remember having an imaginary friend as a child. They weren't imaginary. You won't find them again in your mind. and you won't find your Self or your guides in your mind either.

If you stay focused in your mind as you've been trained to do you'll constantly be chased by fear. But you don't have to stay in your mind. You are not your mind. You are so much more. Leave the pain factory known as your mind. Separate from it by observing it. If you're observing it then you are not it. You're separate from it. You're the observer. As Krishna said to Arjuna 5,000 years ago in the Bhagavad Gita. "I am the field and I am the Knower of the Field."

The mind is the vehicle of separation. If you would save yourself from the pain factory known as the mind, develop a relationship with your greater Self, the eternal, immortal aspect of you that always was and always will be. Do this by dropping into your heart and observing your thoughts from there. One day you will shed this body like old clothes. And you will shine like new and feel light-hearted. To experience your immortal Self instead of your ego mind - dissolve your mind in your heart. Taste the sweetness. Practice is the solvent. Practice observing your thoughts from the vantage point of your heart.


True knowledge is knowledge of Ultimate Reality, who and what we are. This is not knowledge that your ego mind has. But your eternal aspect knows all about it. Talk to her.


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