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Lessons from My Disincarnate Teacher


At the time I received these lessons I didn't know how my teacher manifested, only that he had never been a human or an animal. Below are two of the earliest assignments he gave me.

Try it this week, 3 occasions in which you notice yourself involuntarily turning away, rejecting someone, and then remembering – I really do have 2 minutes to be with this, and see what happens. Set your ego aside for a moment and see the human before you. Maybe it's a homeless person asking for money, or your child needing attention, or your partner wanting to share what happened at work, or your dog who has been waiting all day for you, or a friend, a neighbor or colleague, or the checkout clerk, or the mailman seeking your smile for his joke. Everyone is a manifestation of the Infinite. Everyone. What more important are you doing than recognizing that? The magic is very simple.


Another assignment he gave me was to notice how much I was experiencing of each day. "Observe how often you are distracted," he said. "And how much are you present in the moment." Self observation, self inquiry is our great tool for change. Choose at least 3 opportunities for change – change of habit, change of action, change of attitude about something or someone. Catch yourself in a moment of choice and change your usual response. Deliberately mobilize within yourself to change your ways. Observe your behavior and your thoughts. Simply notice. Notice what you are doing and accept it. Without judgement. Awareness opens with acceptance. Watch to see what this great goddess -- you -- is doing. Learn everything you can about how she manifests. Change will come. It's already happening.

Doing these exercises is like hitting the refresh button on my life, it's setting my ego aside for a moment to be present with my eternal Self. Doing these simple exercises can change my state when I'm down or lost or confused. They carry me back to what matters, the consciousness that all of us are One Being. Or as Quantum pioneer Scrodinger said, "the number of mind's in the universe is One."


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