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Paranormal Experiences

Paranormal experiences, also known as transcendent experiences because they transcend our ordinary everyday perception of reality, can be achieved or just happen to anyone. Generally we perceive reality through our five senses. But sometimes we perceive a reality beyond our five senses. How? Why?

Ancient Vedic texts teach us that to know Ultimate Reality we must transcend our five senses. We can expand our consciousness to reach True Reality, which is Infinite, ineffable, non-physical, formless, beyond space and time. Psychedelics, plant medicine, meditation, yogic breathing practices, and sensory deprivation tanks are a few ways to do this. Five-thousand-year-old Indian teachings speak of One Consciousness from which all experience arises. The One Consciousness, which underlies everything, modifies itself into all beings and all things. It is us and we are It. Physicist max Planck tells us that the number of Minds in the universe is One. We are all part of this One Infinite Mind. When we are in touch with this feeling state transcendent experiences happen.

For humans transcendent states can be things like feeling an exalted state of love for all beings, communicating via telepathy, having an out of body experience, astral traveling, seeing angelic beings, hearing plants, trees, animals speak to you, crossing over to the life between life plane and returning, seeing the future, receiving guidance from beings in formless dimensions, in short, transcending space/time.

There is freedom in the view that we humans are part of the Oneness and It is part of us. In accepting our divinity and understanding that we eternal beings whose true home is beyond duality, we can stop judging one another for our differences in Third dimensional dualistic reality. It is not Ultimate reality which is beyond ideas of right and wrong. As the mystic poet Rumi said, "Out beyond ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing there is a field. I'll meet you there."

In that field we can even lose our fear of death.


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