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The Thoughts You Think Become the House You Live In

In the 14th Century Hafiz wrote: "The words you speak become the house you live in." Born in 1315 in Iran, Hafiz was a Persian Sufi mystic and poet. He knew that we create our reality with our words. He understood the power of words to manifest even physical reality. But it isn't only our words which create our experience and our very world. It is also our thoughts and our beliefs. Many of our beliefs aren't even true. They are merely habits of thinking or stuff our parents or teachers told us. And they can hurt us and limit our lives. True, some beliefs are helpful, like for instance: "I'm lovable," or "I'm good at making money." But some are self-limiting: like, "I'm not smart," or "Things never work out for me." Burn your self-limiting beliefs - root and branch.

You have a choice. Either you allow your thoughts to run your life by creating your reality willy-nilly, or you consciously decide what to think about because you understand that your thoughts are actually what is creating your reality. It does take effort. It's also what meditation is about - learning to control the mind to keep it from jumping around like a monkey to every branch it sees, never finding peace. But you don't have to meditate, though it does have many benefits, to change your life. You only have to create your thoughts consciously. There's a lot more to the adage - "the power is in positive thinking," - than most of us realize. Try it for a day. Tell yourself: "Everything is always working out for me." Really, try it.

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1 Comment

Sep 18, 2021

Fantastic. Thank you. I live alone at the end of my physical life. I wish I had this insight long ago. Lots of "free thinking time" about my life and others close to me who I love. I will share this with all. Thank you.

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