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Using Light to Protect and Heal

When I awake in the morning I stretch a little, then before I put on my clothes I put on light. I call on it and ask it to stream through me and around me. Which light ray I invite on a given day depends on what I need help with at that time. Today I asked the Blue Ray, the Ray of the Will of God to enter my body at my throat chakra, my crown and the souls of my feet. The Blue Ray helps us to align with our Higher Self so that our current personality, or ego, is moving on a parallel track with our Higher Self and our I Am Presence. When these three aspects of ourselves are working in harmony life is more joyful and less tense.

I also use the Blue Ray when I feel the need for protection. If I'm walking home late at night alone or I sense some invisible negative energy I imagine myself as da Vinci's Vitruvian man, arms extended within a circle and a square and I fill it all with blue light. This feels like a protective shield. You can also do this for someone else. When my daughter was a little girl I always sent her off to school surrounded in light. Then I surrounded the whole school in light.

If I want to send light to another person I ask permission from their Higher Self. I do this mentally. Yesterday I was grocery shopping and the cashier looked very sad and heavy and downtrodden. I wanted to send her love via the Pink Ray of Cosmic Love. I asked my Higher Self to check with her Higher Self to see if that would be ok. I felt the answer was yes so I surrounded her in pink light which she could absorb or not as she wished. I then asked the Pink Ray to keep going as long as she needed it.

Using light has been a ritual for so long now that I can't imagine my life with out it. Oh and the ray I use maybe the most is the Emerald Ray of Healing, for anything from acid reflux to tense shoulders. Try it for yourself if you feel like it.

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