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Your Existence Has Meaning

Hello again. I'm sitting here struggling to stay positive in a challenging stressful time on Earth. To carry on I seem to need a meaningful purpose, a reason for being. As a Jungian psychologist I usually turn first to Jung for perspective and hope. When I read his words I feel I'm in his mind and he's talking to me. Today I've just been trying to re-read the letters between Jung and his physicist friend Wolfgang Pauli. They discuss consciousness, the consciousness of the universe, the Buddha consciousness. Yes, the universe is conscious. Yes, the stars are conscious. They agree that there is a primordial consciousness which exists even without humans to receive it. Our human brains are receivers which can pick up that consciousness. We borrow, if you will, consciousness from the universe. And it is through that borrowing from the primordial mind that we are all connected, all part of one being. This is not to say that we don't have free will. We do. Earth is a planet where free will is mandated. We are free to love all as one and make our life's purpose about service to others or we can choose to be in service only to self. Love of self is still love and one can progress on that path - up to a point - because every self is part of the whole. So in loving yourself you are loving the whole. I pause and think about this. But what is happening to love in America.

In the U.S. two different ways of being, of loving, are in conflict, often in violent conflict. Can we love those who don't feel as we do about all beings? The question for me is: Do I love all beings as one or do I love only myself and my people? Am I responsible for the well being of all beings or only for myself and my group? It's hard to accept others when they have a different position on these questions. But we must. Each of us has free will and the right to our consciousness. Not everybody is ready to accept that we are all connected, all one being. But eventually everybody gets there because love is all there is. Now that I've worked myself around to this point I feel better. I'm remembering that the purpose of existence is Love, Love for all as One. If enough of us can hold the frequency of love through Covid and the November election we'll be fine. America will be fine. The Earth will survive. Love is what's needed for all of it. I'm making it my challenge to hold the frequency of Love no matter what. Join me.

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