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Keeping One Foot In the Invisible World

Have you ever awoken from a dream and felt that it was so real that it must have happened? And then the dream stayed with you all day. The dream world isn't bound by rational thought or physics. In a dream you can find yourself, as I once did, in outer space looking down and seeing the whole Earth. The world of our dreams is one way to keep a foot in the invisible world we also live in right alongside our third dimensional life. Our third dimensional world appears solid, a quantifiable world of dualities, yes and no, up and down, hot and cold, young and old, good and evil. But what is this invisible world which we simultaneously inhabit along with what we think of as the real world? Is it a world of light beings and angels? Or maybe just a frequency of pure light with unlimited potential? And if so how do we connect to this world of light?

We connect to it through our intention. We can call on this light energy to help us. Just as sunlight streams to earth, many rays of light of different frequencies also stream to earth. Some of these streams of light become visible when you place a crystal on the window sill and sunlight pours through it breaking the clear light into a rainbow of colors in the spectrum visible to us humans. Different frequencies of light can be called on to help with various challenges. Using your intention you can call on the Pink Ray of Divine Cosmic Love to heal your heart, the Emerald Ray of Healing to treat an illness, the Violet Ray of Transmutation to help you hold more light to change a situation, to mention only a few. Or you can call on clear light, absolute light, for any purpose for your higher good. The reason I believe this works is because we are part of this light. We are all nodes in the great light net of being. We are all one being, all connected. Temporarily we have a human body but our true form is light. Call on light rays whenever you need them. They will respond to your intention.

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Von Braschler
Von Braschler
Aug 23, 2020

Yes. Well said.

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