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The Time I Met My Higher Self

My father, my mother and my sister had all recently died one after the other. My sister’s was the hardest to bear. She had gone so quickly of a cancer that ravaged her body. I wanted to contact her. I tried through my dreams and meditations, but was never sure if it was her or my own unconscious speaking for her. Feeling kind of desperate and heartbroken I consulted a life between life regression psychologist. He explained that we’d need to meet twice for about four hours each time.

At the first appointment he took my history and inquired about my reason for wanting to do a life between life regression. Satisfied, he then regressed to me a several of my past lives to see how I handled it. The four-hour visit passed in a flash. A week later we met for the second time. I relaxed on the chaise next to a gurgling fountain and he again sat in a chair beside me and put me in a hypnogogic state. This time he regressed me to my very last life before this one and specifically to the moment of my death in that life. As I witnessed my death and arrived in that space between incarnations he asked me to describe where I was. I didn’t want to talk because I was so involved with feeling the intense love and serenity of the life between life vibration. It felt like he was interrupting me, but I knew he wanted to know what was happening to keep track of me.

“I’m in a serene dimension,” I said. “There is a feeling of love beyond imagining. I can’t capture the beauty of it in words. In the distance I see ovals of different colored light, pale blue, darker blue, violet, purple, soft yellow, white, pale orange. A purple oval is approaching me. I think it’s my father,” I said, beginning to weep.

My father approached and stopped about three feet in front of me. I could feel the intensity of his love. Without my speaking he seemed to understand my distress over my sister’s death as the reason for my visit to this frequency. He communicated to me telepathically that she was well and that she would come to meet me.

The psychologist was talking again asking me to look down and describe my own appearance.

“I’m an oval of blue light.” I told him.

He asked me what my name was. It didn’t feel like it was me who answered him, but another speaking who said “Soonam.”

I knew in that moment that Soonam was the name of my Higher Self and that it was she who had answered and she who had allowed this journey to the life between life place. I was overwhelmed with gratitude and love for her. She telepathically communicated to me that we are always connected and I could call on her. She explained that she was me living in the Sixth Dimension in what humans think of as the future and that we are both connected to our I Am Presence which resides in an even higher dimension as it is our Divine node. She told me about our Soul’s journey and that my task on Earth in my current life was to channel information about the purpose of human life and share it in the form of a trilogy. She reminded me that the purpose of a human life was to evolve to the conscious realization that all beings of all species are one being. Each being is connected to a node in the Divine net, the Divine light grid which is all of us, all that is.

“But I’m a psychologist in my current incarnation, not a writer,” I thought. She of course heard my thought.

“You’re also a channel. Step out of your fear like an old suit of clothes. Fear is a limiting belief. You’ll be guided. Your purpose and contribution to consciousness on planet Earth at this time is to write down in third dimensional reality the information which is channeled to you. All is well.”

The regression psychologist was asking me questions again, trying to guide me and keep a check on what was happening with me. I wanted him to stop talking so I could concentrate on what Soonam was telling me and find my sister. Then I saw an orange oval of light behind my father’s purple oval and I moved toward it almost floating, just by suggesting to myself that I wanted to be closer to it. The orange oval was almost peeking out from behind our father. We floated closer to one another and communicated telepathically. My sister said she was well and happy despite having had to leave her husband and two daughters and little grandsons when her body died. I knew she hadn’t wanted to die. She loved her life and family so much and was looking forward to watching her grandsons grow up in the same town where she lived, the youngest only two years old. She explained to me telepathically that for the incarnation just ended she had chosen a hard lesson to master – non-attachment, the ability to let go.

“It wouldn’t have required mastery to let go if I’d had a life without immense love,” she told me.

It was a joy and a relief to learn this, to understand what she had planned to master in her last incarnation and to know she had succeeded.

I stayed a while longer in that realm to see someone else very special to me before the psychologist called me back to the Third Dimension. But that’s a story for another blog.


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