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Needing to be Right is a Prison

Why do we insist on being right? It's so small-minded. It's a prison our ego constructs for us with the bricks of our fear.

I say to myself, "You're right, you're right, but you have no state." Only occasionally do I listen and let go and let whatever it is just be. When I am able to give up the need to be right I become agreeable and it feels so good. I suspect the struggle is even harder for very intelligent people because they so often are right and also they have pride of being right. It must be harder for them to give up the slavery of having to be right.

I try go through an entire day without hearing my own opinion about something. Really, it's usually my ego's opinion that does the talking while my inner Self, that spark of the divine that we each have, cringes inside, wishing to break free of the ego's prison. I suspect my ego keeps talking out of fear. Fear of what?

Freud and Jung agreed that all fear at its heart is fear of death, fear of non-existence. Jung said we need not fear this, because the greater part of us goes on after the death of the body. Therefore, if we have a spiritual practice which acknowledges our greater self, our inner being, our spark of the Divine, we can know ourselves as eternal and our ego will be less afraid of not existing. If the ego is less fearful and controlling we won't need to insist on being right so much. The prison walls will come down and we can open more to the experience of love.


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