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What is your Higher Self?

Jung said, “there is another in us that we do not know.” Have you have encountered your own inner being. Have you had the experience while meditating of realizing that you’re no longer watching your breath or saying your mantra but instead are planning what to cook for dinner. Who is this other, this observer, who points out that you’re no longer meditating but thinking instead. Or perhaps an idea has come to you and it feels like a gift from somewhere or someone else.

This has been happening to me since I began seeing patients thirty years ago. Maybe it was happening before that too, but I only became aware of it while working as a psychologist. I’ll be sitting with someone, listening to them and then as if dropped from heaven words come that are not mine, something I’m supposed to say to the person to help them. When I tell them something opens up in them and they have a new perspective. I believe it’s my Higher Self who reminds me I’m thinking instead of meditating and also my Higher Self who helps me work.

What is our Higher Self? Jung referred to this being as his “million-year-old man,” the one who had always been with him and knew everything about him, the one who spoke to him every night in his dreams showing him what his conscious self did not yet know. It feels like an absolute truth to me that to see the whole picture of any situation one is better off including the perspective of the unconscious and that this perspective is given to us primarily in our dreams which can see around corners and into the future.

But I don’t exactly believe that my Higher Self resides in or only works through my unconscious and my dreams. I have come to think of her as my future self who resides mainly in some higher dimension, maybe the Fifth or Sixth. From there she works to help me, the present incarnation of “us” living here in the Third Dimension as a human. I think of her as the link between me and the Divine, my I AM consciousness. We each have a Higher Self who we can call on for help and guidance. In my next post I'll tell you about the time I met my Higher Self.

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1 Comment

Jul 26, 2020

I've tried to find this out. Our brains are biological but the element of consciousness in it is still a mystery. This awareness you speak of is what I've been calling the higher self, quite apart from our biology.

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